Evan Turner

Principal, Director of Operations

Job Seeker ID 200
What is Your Industry? Project Management, Distributed Generation Solar Project Development
Highest Education Attained Master's Degree
What was your Major? Renewable Energy Sustainability Systems - Solar PV
Duties and Responsibilities of your 1st place of employment


Contracted consulting for energy Storage & PV integration analysis, incentive program risk/value guidance, land scouting and early stage development work for private clients focused on Northeast PV markets.
Land scouting services have secured site control of 152 acres for 11 independent PV+BESS power systems, allowing for confident development and interconnection applications into the next Massachusetts incentive program (SMART).
Optimum PV strategy for development & design is changing: Vetting of storage technology and vendors, combined with fiscal and energy modeling, demonstrated to clients how getting the best risk adjusted value per individual development opportunity is no longer just about building and developing as cheaply as possible.

Duties and Responsibilities of your 2nd place of employment


Conception to commissioning of commercial, industrial, and utility solar PV development + BESS, directing efforts of team of 11, and managing coordination of external subcontractors & internal subject matter experts.
Design & permitting of ~73 MWs of distributed Solar PV (brownfield, greenfield ground mount, canopy and rooftop).
No unforced errors: I have never failed to secure a permit from a local jurisdiction. This has required extensive preparation, education of local authorities and neighbors, proactive community engagement, and obsessive focus on the nuances of local bylaw requirements.
Interconnection: Led engagement with utilities & ISO on 11 energy storage augmented solar arrays (~40 MW). Direct negotiations with utility engineers on 4 projects led to forecast $2,400,000 (30%) reduction interconnection cost.
Within 2 months of arrival, reworked interconnection plan for Company's flagship project, saving 6 months of utility scope & $550,000.
Developed proprietary fiscal & energy model that integrates load shifted Solar + Storage production and stacked ancillary services revenue into traditional Solar PV investor models utilizing PPAs, SRECs, and Feed in Tariff structures.
Schedules should be ambitious and thoroughly researched: Identified the minimal risk development expenditures that could be done in parallel and shortened company's typical development cycle from 10-12 months to 8-9 months.

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